Fundraiser Request

Looking to raise funds for your team, group, or organization? This is the place for you. We make fundraising easier than ever, saving you time and resources. We provide you a flyer to share that has a date and time for the fundraiser. Each flyer will have a scannable code that guarantees 40% of proceeds from purchases during the fundraising period go to your organization.


  • Submit a fundraising application by visiting our community page here:
  • A representative will contact you within 5 days ​ to discuss your next steps if approved.
  • You will get to select the best date and best Soapy Joe’s location for your fundraiser!
  • We do not host multiple fundraisers at the same location. We will only run one at a single location at a time.
  • You will receive a flyer that you can share with your supporters online (social media, email, text) or through print.
  • Your supporters scan the barcode at our terminals before they purchase their preferred single wash. If they cannot be present on the day of your fundraiser, they will be given an online fundraiser promo code. The donation will be confirmed as a line-item on their receipt. They will only be charged the price of the wash, but you receive 40% of the proceeds.
  • We total the amount you raised during the fundraising period and present you the funds.


  • Organizations are limited to:
    • Youth groups
    • Sports teams
    • Charitable orgs
    • University groups
    • Eco-friendly/sustainable groups


  • You may not fundraise on behalf of another group.
    • I.E. You cannot be an individual looking to raise funds for a charitable organization.
    • You must be directly affiliated with or representing the organization/group receiving funds.


  • You will be contacted by a representative within two weeks of your submission.
  • You must submit the application 6 weeks prior to a date that you have in mind for the fundraiser. Our representative will work with you directly to determine an exact date that would work best.
  • You will receive a flyer within 10 days of determination of a fundraising period.


  • An organization must be able to verify nonprofit status with Tax ID Ineligibility
    • Individuals (those looking for personal assistance)
    • Religious groups
    • Special Interest, political, or lobbying groups
    • For-profit endeavors
    • Organizations that discriminate based on age, sex, gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or religious belief.

*Application does not guarantee approval. Fundraiser date subject to change with advance notice, and before the distribution of flyers.