After you wash the exterior of your car, treat the interior to an environmentally-friendly cleaning. Here are some “green” cleaning tips to leave your car fresh and spot free:

1. Get rid of interior dampness

Inevitably, moisture will find its way into your car by condensation or, of course, constant trips to the beach. The problem with moisture build-up is mildew develops. To avoid having to replace upholstery or other interior items because of mildew, soak up water with towels and let the interior breathe over night by leaving a window cracked.

2. Meet odors head on

If the interior of your car already smells because it’s waterlogged, leaving a couple of windows open just isn’t going to get rid of the odor. Sprinkle some baking soda onto the floor mats and carpet and leave it there for about 24 hours. Then visit us at Soapy Joe’s for our industrial vacuum to clean out the leftovers.

3.  Use only “green” interior cleaning products

Many people have become accustomed to using cleaners that contain ammonia and other harmful chemicals. However, the short and long-term effects of using these products are alarming. Did you know many of the fragrances contained in cleaners could cause respiratory irritation, headaches, sneezing or worsen asthma symptoms?

4. Insects and birds aren’t your friend

Bird and insect discharge — to put it kindly — will quickly eat away at the clear coat finish that protects your car’s paint. To protect against the onslaught of Mother Nature’s little creatures, always have a water bottle and microfiber cloth handy. Also, we recommend having your car washed every two weeks to remove damaging chemicals.

5. Create your own interior window cleaner

Industrial cleaners are often loaded with harmful chemicals. Used incorrectly or at home, these can end up down storm drains and into rivers, lakes and streams. To avoid harming wildlife, as well as protect yourself from pollutants, mix your own window cleaner and then wash your car at Soapy Joe’s. Soapy Joe’s filters and collects water in reclaim tanks, which keeps the environment healthy.

Here’s a quick recipe for you to use:

  1. Using a spray bottle, mix ½ cup of white vinegar with two cups of water.
  2. For a pleasant smell, add a few drops of pulp-free lemon juice.
  3. Apply on a lint-free cotton cloth to avoid run-off.

6. Take the trash out

How many times do we leave a coffee cup from San Diego’s Caffe Calabria in our car because we’re already carrying too many things into our house? Then, the next morning, we notice a coffee ring in the cup holder. This, coupled with other trashy items, creates an environment for bacteria to thrive.

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