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World's largest hanging air freshener and employee laughing

Soapy Joe’s Mission

We’re driven to clean cars,
protect the environment,
and shine in our communities.

We are always looking for new talent to join our teams at the best car wash in San Diego! Please click the apply button below to express your interest in joining one of our soapy joe’s teams at any of our locations!

Corporate Positions Now Hiring

Car Wash Positions Now Hiring

Other Positions Now Hiring

Soapy Joe's 7 Core Values

A career at Soapy Joe’s means much more than washing cars. Join a team that is committed to making a difference in the community and in the world.

Available Positions

We’re always on the lookout for driven people who sparkle and shine in their communities and are ready to take the driver’s seat in their career. If you’re hard-working and fun-loving, apply today!

Soapy Joe's Car Wash Attendant

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Team is the friendly face of Soapy Joe’s, consistently engaging our customers with an experience defined by positivity and helpfulness. Our team is made of people who operate with honesty, integrity and a natural drive.

Soapy Joe's Attendant

Assistant Manager

Assistant Managers are driven learners & leaders who work alongside upper management to handle daily operations. In this role, you will learn something new every day, continuing to hone your leadership and business skills while keeping your team inspired and engaged with the task at hand. With positive performance, assistant managers may qualify to progress to become site managers.

Soapy Joe Employees

Site Manager

Site Managers are handy, personable, and business-savvy all at once. Between the many events we sponsor, and the thousands of happy customers we serve, you will be a familiar face and trusted neighbor in the community, leading with respect and positivity to foster an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

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