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Soapy here! With all the craziness that is 2020, we wanted to shine a positive light on some of the awesome things our team has been doing over the summer. 

Our members are at the heart of everything we do, so we wanted to GO BIG this summer and show our appreciation like never before.  So, we decided we’d give each member a chance at a HUGE prize. Like Big. Really big. They didn’t have to do anything special to qualify, just be an active member.  Any wash level, new and existing members. And, as a special thanks to our Magic Potion members, they got TWO entries each. So, do you want to know what we gave away in the California Dreamin’ contest, as we called it? A CAR! But not just any car. It was a shiny, red, sexy, Mustang!! Congrats to SEAN from our Escondido site. SEAN is a Magic Joe member and grand prize winner. We appreciate you, members.

The California Dreamin’ contest prize, a shiny, red, sexy, Mustang sitting under a Magic 92.5 tent.
Mustang Giveaway

We also wanted to focus on our community…so, we worked with Xavier the X-man and Magic 92.5 on hosting the Cruise for the Cause event in Chula Vista. We were so excited about the “virtual” classic car cruise! Our managers (Hi, Guys!) voted to pick our favorite car and we awarded a sweet Chevelle SS with our “Commander of Cool” award. I was a total fanboy when Deadpool showed up. As you can see, I was so excited about my favorite car winning, that I just had to get in on the photo op!

The 'Commander of Cool' winning car at the Cruise for the Cause event in Chula Vista.
“Commander of Cool” winning car
Soapy Joe posing with Deadpool in front of the Deadpool car at the Cruise for the Cause event in Chula Vista.
Soapy and Deadpool

You may be thinking, “I get the classic car cruise, part, but what was the “cause”?”   Let me tell you about The Emilio Nares Foundation.  They are a local organization that helps kids in need get to their critical cancer treatments by providing free rides.   We were so moved by their efforts, we donated $5,000 to the cause.  

Soapy Joe standing with two team members holding a $5,000 check for The Emilio Nares Foundation.
Donation to Emilio Nares Foundation

Lastly, to wrap up all the festivities that took place this summer, we opened our 13th location in Sabre Springs in September. We’re so excited to serve the communities of Sabre Springs and Poway, and even hosted a grand opening party with the Chamber of Commerce and Magic 92.5 on October 9th to kick it off right! 

Soapy Joe's team members cutting the ribbon at the Sabre Springs Grand Opening.
Sabre Springs ribbon cutting

On to another topic, you may have noticed some changes around the sites.  We’ve updated our menus, tunnel wash arches and signage to reflect our shiny, new wash club names!   We’ve renamed Magic Potion to Magic Joe, and Average Joe to Classic Joe. 

Also, our Super Joe wash just got even more super! We have added extra value for our beloved members by adding in our Thunder Falls and Vortex Dry at no additional cost. Please pardon our bubbles if you experience any interruption in service as we bring these exciting changes to you this month. 

Super Joe Sticker with the text 'Super Joe is now more super!! Now with Thunder Falls and Vortex Dry!
Super Joe!

The team at Soapy Joe’s car wash is so grateful for our customers and fans, and we can’t wait to show you what we have up our sleeves for the holiday season.  
Signing off! 


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