How does a no-hitter pitcher stay so fresh? We’ve heard it’s with… Magic.  

Baseball season is in full swing, and we’ve got a thrilling experience waiting for you. Are you ready to be next to bat? Allow us to introduce you to… Magic Joe Musgrove, hometown favorite San Diego Padres Pitcher and Soapy’s bubbly bestie. Time to head onto the field and build your ballpark! 

At ALL 24 Soapy Joe’s locations, we’ve got limited-edition Joe Musgrove air fresheners on deck, but with a catch. With each location you visit, you’ll receive a new air freshener that’s a singular piece to a larger image puzzle. The more sites you visit, the bigger the picture becomes, and the bubblier the prizes. Collect them all, and when placed together, they will create one large image of Petco Park and Joe Musgrove himself! 

As you visit each site to collect your air fresheners, you’ll have the chance to score some serious swag and maybe even a little cash money. Got your eye on the ball yet? 

Tier Base Prizes: 

1st Tier Base: 

  • The first 2,000 members to visit 5 sites will win a free Magic Joe wash, 50% off at the swag shop, a .50c gas coupon, and an LTO hat.  

2nd Tier Base: 

  • The first 500 members to visit 10 sites will win a mini-Joe Musgrove plushie.  

3rd Tier Base: 

  • The first 500 members to visit 20 sites will win a Magic Joe 3-month gift pass. 

Grand Slam: 

  • Members who visit ALL 24 sites are eligible to win $5,000 and a signed Joe Musgrove jersey! And bragging rights, obviously. 

Not a Wash Club member? No worries… but how does elite car-protection technology sound to you? Enter: MAGIC GRAPHENE. Magic Graphene is our NEW exclusive wash feature for our Magic Joe-level members; this single-layer, hexagon-bonded graphite shield provides a glossy finish, durability, and excellent water and dirt repellent. It also protects against harmful UV rays and contaminants, making it a strong, carbon-based material for vehicle care. 

If that’s not enough to entice you, you can enter to win an annual membership regardless. Be of the first 10 people to share your 24-piece air freshener collection on Instagram with the hashtag #MagicJoeMusgrove and you’ll walk out a winner. Don’t forget to tag us @soapyjoes, too! 

So, what are you waiting for? Stretch those fingers and hit that follow button on all our social media platforms. Bubbles: at the ready. Batter: up. Game: ON. 

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