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As you know, our goal at Soapy Joe’s car wash is always to keep your car sparkling and you feeling fresh. However, we wanted to go the extra mile during these difficult times and take your car’s clean to new heights with our interior sanitizing and disinfecting services. With two Pure Car™ treatments to choose from and a member discount, your car is going to be even more squeaky-clean, inside and out!

Wondering just how these treatments work? Pure Car UV-C is an ultraviolet light disinfectant that uses patented Bluemorph Health Solutions technology.  Germicidal UV-C works by disabling the DNA of viruses, killing them, and preventing their spread. Pure Car UV-C is lab-tested and proven to kill 99.9% of germs including coronavirus, disinfecting hard AND soft surfaces. This treatment is done for you by our fully trained experts in just 10 minutes. 

Or, try our Pure Car Mist! Our EPA approved non-bleach formula attacks bacteria on high-touch surfaces. Pure Car Mist works to sanitize your car’s soft surfaces and disinfect your door handles, steering wheel, window controls, and more! We’ll take care of it for you, which means no spotting, no residue, and no wipe-down needed. Just sit back, relax, and get ready for your cleanest car yet!

The best part about our Pure Car treatments? We’ll have you on your way quickly – treatments are just 10 minutes! 

No appointment necessary.  Pure Car Mist is available every day at our Auto Care Center in National City.  Pure Car UV-C is available for limited engagement at Rancho San Diego and San Marcos locations through mid-August.  Please check availability before visiting.

Until next time!

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