Once a week? Twice a month? Every few months? How often should you wash your car? It’s a crucial decision to make considering you’re trying to protect an expensive investment.

Let’s say your week consists of the following: On Monday and Wednesday you take your daughter to soccer practice. On Thursday you drive your son to baseball games. And every Sunday you take part in a beach cleanup with San Diego Coastkeeper. It’s not only a busy week for you, but also your car.

You may not think of it, but your car is actually struggling to keep up its squeaky clean physique due to harsh San Diego conditions. For example, those bird droppings that polka-dot your car are more than just an ugly annoyance. Bird muck and splattered insects can actually eat away at its clear protective coat in just two days. If you park your car under trees, it’s also likely getting bombarded by tree sap, which can slowly carve into its beautiful exterior. Consider leaving it in the open.

So, how often should you wash your car? Because of the high amount of allergens, sand and sea salt that exist in San Diego, it’s recommended you wash it at an environmentally friendly, professional car wash every couple of weeks.

Soapy Joe’s offers a range of eco-friendly exterior car wash packages that will help your car sparkle under the California sun. When finished, feel free to use our industrial-graded vacuums, which will leave your car’s interior fresh and spot-free. Get soapy San Diego with Soapy Joe’s!

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