Have you ever seen a car that seems dull? We don’t mean boring, but rather, the car just doesn’t seem to sparkle as bright under San Diego’s beaming sun? You’re likely looking at a car with a matte finish which is more hazy than the shiny paint on new cars.

For those not familiar with matte finishes, it’s important to first understand what they are and how to maintain their look before you purchase the vehicle.

Matte finishes have been a standard in the automotive industry for decades and a popular choice among car enthusiasts. Many automakers opt to use matte paints instead of glossy, reflective paints, and when used correctly on the right car, it can add some serious flare.

A number of dealerships build cars with matte finishes or you can have your old car repainted with a color of your choice. However, the maintenance process remains the same: be extra careful.

Small scratches in a reflective paint job can be corrected by using wax. However, the same type of damage on a matte finish is usually permanent. If you attempt to fix even the smallest of scratches, there’s a chance you’ll change the surface color of the car, which will make the paint appear uneven.

When washing the car, you have to remember to pay special attention to the type of liquids and cloths you use. The wax, detail spray or most products you’d normally find in your normal department store are off limits.

For advice, car wash services and the right tools to take care of your matte finish, Soapy Joe’s has you covered.

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