Move over, smart kids. Soapy Joe’s has its own MIT—Manager in Training—graduates, and their accomplishment is every bit as impressive as attending the MIT that comes to mind.

Soapy Joe here, by the way, with diplomas in hand for:

• Javier Martinez – Asst. Manager
• Gary Green – Site Manager
• Estevan Ramirez – Asst. Manager
• Esteban Monjaraz – Asst. Manager
• Luis Obando – Maintenance Tech

You all showed what you’re really made of, and I can’t wait to see where your new skills take you within the company. Great ceremony by the way, am I right?

Group of graduates in cap and gowns with supervisors

16 Weeks

That’s how long our Manager in Training program takes to complete. It’s the equivalent of a college semester filled with learning modules, exams, group projects, and on-site workshops. Quite a commitment, to say the least. There’s even a finals week.

Soaking up the Knowledge

It takes a lot to run a car wash. Our MIT grads learn to do it all, from managing a team to running the books to troubleshooting equipment. They know how to hire, give employee reviews, and, most importantly, keep our customers and staff happy. They also get insight directly from our suppliers and manufacturers.

Since our car wash is constantly growing and opening new locations, we’re always starting up a new semester. This group is our third graduating class!

Accelerating Careers

Being a Soapy Joe’s manager in training is really about becoming a better leader all around. It’s also a platform for making meaningful connections in our community. Gary and Javier are now running our newly reopened Imperial Beach location, so look for them there. Luis Obando is actually transitioning to our maintenance team because he found a passion for making sure everything in the tunnel is running smoothly.

If you see any of our recent MIT grads at your local Soapy Joe’s, be sure to congratulate them on a job well done!

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