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Soapy Joe’s Gives Away Free Washes and Donates to Surfrider Foundation

San Diego, CA, April 13, 2017 – Kevin L. Faulconer, mayor of San Diego, proclaimed April 20th, 2017 “Soapy Joe’s Car Wash Day” in honor of the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability in the San Diego community. In celebration of this honor, Soapy Joe’s will be offering free car washes to the public all day on April 20th, and will give away free annual memberships to three winners of the company’s “Stay Clean, Go Green” social media contest. To further demonstrate its dedication to the environment and the San Diego community, Soapy Joe’s will be donating money to the San Diego Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit that protects the ocean and coastlines of San Diego.

“We truly do everything we can to protect our beautiful San Diego community, and we are honored to be recognized for environmental sustainability. We want our customers to feel good about washing at Soapy Joe’s, and know that we care about this community as much as they do,” says Soapy Joe’s Car Wash CEO, Lorens Attisha.

The city of San Diego proclaimed April 20th “Soapy Joe’s Car Wash Day” to recognize the company’s sustainability efforts within the San Diego community, such as the company’s eco-friendly technology, use of biodegradable chemicals, and efforts to conserve and recycle water. Not only is the city of San Diego recognizing this holiday, but neighboring communities such as La Mesa, San Marcos, and Oceanside have proclaimed April 20th as “Soapy Joe’s Car Wash Day” as well, acknowledging the company’s service and sustainability efforts in local communities.

Neighboring communities such as La Mesa, San Marcos, and Oceanside recognize “Soapy Joe’s Car Wash Day” with their own mayoral proclamations.

Water conservation is a top environmental concern for the San Diego community, and Soapy Joe’s has addressed this by equipping each car wash with the most innovative water reclamation technology in the industry. This technology recycles water and filters it for future use, allowing them to save about 20 gallons of fresh water per wash. An average at-home car wash uses about 140 gallons of water, whereas a wash at Soapy Joe’s uses only 30 gallons. This means a wash at Soapy Joe’s saves nearly 80{ebf3208d063e73ef6e5ee1668dab9d6769d587ce5368a2180ce4b1fe93ea4453} of the water used at home, preserving San Diego’s most precious natural resource.

Keeping local waterways clean and chemical-free is key to protecting local wildlife and maintaining a healthy community. Unlike an at-home car wash where untreated and chemical-filled water drains straight into local waterways, the water that is not reclaimed at Soapy Joe’s is treated and sent to sanitary sewer systems for further processing. This prevents lakes, rivers, and oceans from being polluted with chemicals, as well as protecting local wildlife. Soapy Joe’s also uses only biodegradable chemicals, which are pH balanced to a neutral state during the wash process and do not harm the environment. The dirt and grime that is washed from cars is collected and sent to a facility that processes this non-hazardous waste to be turned into potting soil or fertilizer.

In honor of Soapy Joe’s Day and Earth Day, Soapy Joe’s is partnering with San Diego Surfrider Foundation to show support for the organization’s efforts to preserve the local San Diego environment. The San Diego Surfrider foundation protects water resources and prevents pollution from reaching the ocean. Soapy Joe’s will encourage customers signing up for their free wash coupon to donate to the foundation, and Soapy Joe’s will match customers’ donations dollar for dollar.

“We believe wholeheartedly in the mission of the San Diego Surfrider Foundation, and we wanted to take this opportunity to show our support for the work they do in protecting the ocean and beaches of San Diego,” says Attisha.

Soapy Joe’s employees in Oceanside display the “Soapy Joe’s Car Wash Day” proclamations.

To celebrate “Soapy Joe’s Car Wash Day,” Soapy Joe’s will be giving away free car washes to the public all day on April 20th. To get a coupon for the free car wash, a customer can go to or visit Soapy Joe’s social media pages.

Soapy Joe’s is also hosting a contest on social media in which fans and followers will be encouraged to post photos of themselves doing environmentally friendly activities (i.e. picking up trash, planting trees, recycling) to be entered to win a free annual membership. Soapy Joe’s will give out annual memberships to three contest participants chosen at random on Earth Day, April 22nd.

About Soapy Joe’s Car Wash: Founded in 1996, Soapy Joe’s Car Wash is a family owned and operated business with nine locations in San Diego County. Soapy Joe’s prides itself in its commitment to the environment, using the most up-to-date water reclamation system in the industry. Soapy Joe’s is dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction, and eco-friendly technology, all at a great value to the customer.

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