Are you tired of paying all that money for individual car washes? It’s not cheap! And Soapy Joe’s understands.

That’s why we established our Wash Club Membership, which consists of four different monthly plans. Don’t worry about rolling up to Soapy Joe’s and scrounging for change to pay for your wash. Make it easy and pay only once per month!

Here’s how it works: Simply sign up for unlimited affordable car washes at recurring monthly charges at your favorite Soapy Joe’s location. Then, don’t worry about it again! The day you register becomes your billing date

At the minimum, each plan  comes with a foam wash, high-pressure rinse and turbine blow-dry. Our two premium memberships, Wax & Shine and Magic Potion, also include rain repellent, tire shine, bug prep, air freshener, wax and magic glaze.

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