The largest car air freshener in the world. It’s a thing, and it’s our thing.

Media outlets all over are picking up the news of our record-breaking car freshener, which comes in at 3 feet 10 inches tall, 3 feet 8 inches wide, and 1.6 inches thick. That’s far too big to fit in any car door, and enough to claim a Guinness World Record.

Isn’t it beautiful? Better yet, it’s biodegradable, just like our signature air fresheners. It even has the same citrus scent.

This whole thing started in March 2018 leading up to Soapy Joe’s Day, which takes place right before Earth Day each year, as a way to celebrate our over 20 year commitment to environmental sustainability initiatives. But biodegradable air fresheners made with wood, pulp and starch are just a small—well, in this case, also big—part of our eco-friendly approach. We’re also focused on water efficiency and conservation, using a water reclamation system that not only saves water, but filters out harmful pollutants.

After months of jumping through hoops and following protocol, we finally received our official Guinness World Records certificate in December 2018 with the title, “Largest Car Air Freshener.”

Thank you to everyone who helped see this endeavor through to a world record. We did it.

Now, let’s share the journey and fun facts behind the scenes.

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