As much as you want to wash your car in the driveway, step away from the hose. Put down the bucket, and put away the suds. Instead take your vehicle down to a car wash where you can not only save money by getting it cleaned professionally, but also protect the environment.

Often we wash our cars at home without really thinking about the repercussions. Do we notice how much it caused our water bill to spike? Can we see how washing our car in the driveway hurts local rivers and streams? The answer is, likely, no.

However, studies have shown that home washers can use up to 140 gallons of water while car washes that recycle water only use 30 gallons of city water per car. That’s an incredible amount that isn’t going to waste.

Washing our cars off at home sends all the dirt and grime down the street and into storm drains which have no filtration systems. Because of this, runoff water goes straight into the area’s rivers and streams.

If storm drains are clogged the water may have a more direct route to waterways. In fact, the water from your DIY job may be contributing to the problem as dirt and material clog the drains’ pipes.

Finally, the pollutants can harm wildlife, damaging mucus membranes and gills in fish and washing away natural oils that help them absorb oxygen.

Instead of washing your car at home, come down to Soapy Joe’s for an environmentally friendly car wash!

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