Adopting specialized car wash techniques that offer enhanced protection against harsh weather conditions becomes crucial during winter. The first step is to choose a car wash service that utilizes high-pressure water jets and gentle detergents specifically designed for cold temperatures, like Soapy Joe’s Car Wash. This effectively removes grime and dirt from your vehicle’s body and undercarriage. 

An extra layer of protection can be achieved by applying a winter-grade wax or sealant, safeguarding your car’s paintwork from corrosive elements. It is also an excellent time to thoroughly clean door jambs, rubber seals, and windows to prevent freezing issues. 

It is important to note that express car washes often include an undercarriage wash that targets hard-to-reach areas where dirt and mud can accumulate. This thorough cleaning process helps protect your car’s chassis from rust formation and protects your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and function. Rust is a death sentence for any vehicle, so washing your car’s undercarriage can help extend its life. By thoroughly cleaning this area with specialized equipment and detergents, express car washes effectively remove any dirt residue that could lead to rust formation. 

Here are some tips for keeping your car clean and protected during wintertime: 

  • Regularly wash your car: Wash your car at least once a week to remove dirt and grime that can accumulate during winter. Use a car wash detergent specifically designed for cold weather. 
  • Apply a protective wax: Waxing your car creates a barrier between the paint and contaminants, helping to prevent damage from winter elements. Apply a quality car wax every few months for best results. 
  • Clean the undercarriage: Pay attention to it, as it’s susceptible to buildup. Many car washes have an undercarriage cleaning feature, which can help remove dirt, mud, or other build-up. 
  • Don’t forget the wheels and tires: Keep your wheels and tires clean to prevent corrosion and maintain traction. Use a wheel cleaner and soft brush to remove brake dust and grime. 
  • Protect leather and upholstery: If your car has leather seats or upholstery, use a leather conditioner regularly to prevent cracking in the cold weather (especially if your car is parked outside). 

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