Before you clean your car, it’s important to debunk some common myths. This not only protects the environment, but also your vehicle from an array of potential dangers:

1. There is no difference between washing and cleaning

Webster’s Dictionary may have something different to say, but when it comes to cars, there is a big difference between “washing” and “cleaning.” A car wash focuses on removing dust and debris built up on the outside, while cleaning involves maintaining the inside of your vehicle.

2. There is no such thing as eco-friendly cleaning agents

There is! Many interior car cleaners exist that are free of harmful chemicals, additives and VOCs. We still recommend you clean the exterior at a professional car wash like Soapy Joe’s because cleaning agents can enter local waterways from your home.

3. Dishwashing detergent is an all-around cleaner

Before you wash your car using the same stuff you just used to clean your dishes, stop immediately. Put down the bucket of water, turn off the hose and head over to your nearest professional car washing service. Not only can dishwashing detergent remove polymers off your car paint’s surface, it can harm the environment.

4. If the exterior looks clean, then it is

Before leaving a car washing facility, make sure to check you’re happy with your wash. Rub your hand over the surface of your vehicle. It should feel smooth.

5. Waxing and polishing are the same thing

Waxing and polishing both help a car look new, but they are different processes. Polishing helps your car gleam under San Diego’s brilliant sun, while waxing helps protect it from that Pacific sea salt and tough sand.

6. Anything that feels soft is great to use on your car

What happens if you walk back to your car after eating lunch at San Diego’s Las Cuatro Milpas and notice bird droppings on it? Quickly protect your car by wiping the remnants off with a microfiber towel, then bring it to a professional car wash. Avoid rags made from flannel or t-shirts because these don’t absorb fine particles that can scratch your vehicle.

7. Wait until your car looks like a mud cake before you clean it

A dirty car not only looks bad, but the longer you wait means there’s more of an opportunity for mud, sand or salt to eat away at its surface.

8. You can clean your car at any time

If your car has been basking in the sun on Ocean Boulevard while you were relaxing at the beach, don’t wash it as soon as you drive away. A hot car will speed up the drying process, which can leave spots.

9. Air dry your car

Soapy Joe’s turbine blow-dry will ensure that your car doesn’t leave dripping wet. This is important to remember because watermarks will form if you let it air dry.

10. Machine polishers will scratch my car

A speedy, soft buffer will not damage your car. Before washing your car anywhere, ask the staff how often they clean their cloths and buffers. At Soapy Joe’s we only usespongy envirosoft material and plenty of lubricant to prevent aggressive friction.

Soapy Joe’s offers a range of exterior car wash packages that will help your car sparkle under the California sun. When you’re finished, feel free to use our industrial-grade vacuums, which will leave your car’s interior fresh and spot-free. Get soapy, San Diego with Soapy Joe’s!

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