Hey everyone, it’s me, Soapy Joe.

Cruising through the car wash here takes about 2 minutes and 40 seconds from when you enter the tunnel of magic. That’s a tiny portion of your day, but I know it can feel like an eternity when you’ve got places to go and people to see. Here’s how I like to make the time fly:

Answer That Long Email

The person who sent you an essay by email is anxiously awaiting your response. This is the perfect time window for you to respond—or read the thing in the first place. Keep scrolling. Keeeeeep scrolling.

Organize Your Apps

You use Spotify every day. Why are you still swiping to the third screen to get to it? And how do you sleep at night with all those untapped notifications?

Call Just to Say ‘Hello’

You’ll make someone’s day. They don’t have to know that it took being locked in your car with soap and floppy squeegees all around for you to call them.


Don’t worry, we’ll give the window a little tap if you’re still in your moment of Zen when it’s time to drive. Or, just sit back and watch the wash; it’s like meditating with your eyes open.

Jam Out

I mean more than sing along. Be a star. Everyone loves some car wash karaoke!

No matter what you choose, you’re ready to make good use of your time at the car wash. Find a Soapy Joe’s near you. It’s the productive thing to do.