Knowing how to put your car into Neutral is essential if you own a Tesla and plan to take your vehicle to an express wash like Soapy Joe’s Car Wash. Unlike traditional cars, a Tesla doesn’t have a conventional gear shifter. However, setting your Tesla in Neutral is straightforward, allowing you to experience a safe and efficient wash.  

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the menus using “Tow Mode” and “Control Functions” for each model. 

  • Step 1: Pull your car up safely, following the instructions of the car wash attendant. Ensure you obey all hand signals to ensure a safe car wash experience. When the attendant motions to place the car in neutral, turn off your Tesla by pressing the brake pedal and placing the car in “Park.” 
  • Step 2: Locate the “Tow Mode” setting on your Tesla’s touchscreen. For Model 3 and Model Y, it can be found by tapping the “Car” icon at the bottom center of the screen. Model S and Model X might be accessible by tapping the “Controls” tab. Once in the “Tow Mode” section, toggle the switch to enable it. A prompt will appear, asking for confirmation. Read the prompt carefully; it warns you about specific considerations while your car is in Tow Mode. Confirm your choice to proceed. 
  • Step 3: Putting a Tesla in Neutral varies slightly depending on the model.  

Follow the instructions corresponding to your Tesla model: 

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y 

On the touchscreen, locate the “Controls” menu and tap on it at the bottom center of the screen. Locate the “Tow” option and tap on it. Tap the “N” button on the top right corner to put your car in Neutral. 

Tesla Model S and Model X 

Like the previous steps, tap the “Controls” menu on the Tesla’s touchscreen. 

Find the “Tow Mode” option and press it. Tap the “N” button on the top right corner to engage Neutral gear. 

  • Step 4: Verifying that your Tesla is properly in that gear is essential after activating Neutral. Check the dashboard display for the letter “N” to confirm that the vehicle is in the Neutral position. 

Preparing your Tesla for an express wash by putting it in Neutral is crucial to ensure a safe, effective, and efficient experience. By activating Tow Mode and adjusting the gear accordingly, you can confidently navigate the wash process without relying on the traditional gear shifter found in conventional vehicles. As always, follow the instructions of the attendant there to guide you through the best car wash experience. 

Remember to follow the specific steps for your Tesla model for a seamless transition into Neutral. Enjoy the convenience of an express wash, allowing your Tesla to shine while keeping it in its best condition. 

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