By now you’ve probably heard about our Summer Passport promotion — or maybe you’ve already been playing and winning cool prizes like Soapy swag, gas discounts, and San Diego daycations! Plus, you also win a 4-pack of NFTs at each and every prize tier. But we know some of you might be wondering, what is an NFT anyway?… What can I do with them?… Can I sell or trade them?

Well, wonder no more. Here’s the skinny on NFTs and everything you need to know about ours.

What is an NFT? 

NFT (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets that represent real-world items like art, music, and merchandise. NFTs are bought and sold online, sometimes with cryptocurrency, and are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.​

Soapy Joe’s car wash NFTs are digital rewards and collectibles you receive for reaching the 4 prize tiers that are part of our Summer Passport promotion. The artwork for these NFTs represents the limited-time-only air fresheners we created to celebrate all the unique and diverse communities here in San Diego. 

So, what can I do with these NFTs?

Our NFTs are like physical collector’s items, only digital. Aside from the bragging rights they provide, you can view them or save them by downloading your NFT wallet.

What’s an NFT wallet?

NFT wallets are digital wallets that support NFTs, cryptocurrency, or other digital assets like airline boarding passes or event tickets. Your Soapy Joe’s NFTs reside in a secure digital wallet that only you can access.

Are my NFTs just for me?

Absolutely. One of the great things about NFTs is the exclusivity of ownership. Our NFTs provide a type of exclusivity gained through a secure hyperlink to the specific NFTs representing the car wash locations and communities that you visited during the promo period. In this way, your NFTs are just for you, unique to your journey, and (like stamps on a passport) they’ll forever remind you of your travels and where you’ve been.

Can I trade or sell my NFTs?

We designed our NFTs exclusively for Soapy Joe’s members as a celebration of the San Diego communities we love and share. We think that’s something special, so unlike “open NFTs”, Soapy Joe’s NFTs are closed NFTs and not tradeable or available for purchase. The only way to get them is to win them during our Summer Passport promo.

So how do I get my NFTs?

Whenever you reach a Soapy Joe’s Summer Passport prize tier (by visiting 4, 8, 12, or 16 locations) you’ll receive a congratulations email explaining how to claim your prizes and your NFTs. Simply click the links provided, enter your email for verification and you’ll be taken to your wallet where your NFT collection resides.

I’m already into NFTs, can I add the Soapy Joe’s NFTs to my personal Web3 wallet?

Not quite yet. We’re working hard to bring you that capability. For now, you can view and enjoy your NFTs residing in a digital wallet we’ll provide for you. 

NFTs, crypto, digital wallets… isn’t all this unusual for a car wash company?

You bet! We’re proud to be among the popular consumer brands (Coca-Cola, Clinique, Ray-Ban, Taco Bell) offering NFTs to our customers. We’re a “first” company that loves to bring you the latest technologies and coolest new offerings — whether it’s wedding ceremonies in our “Tunnel of Love”, the world’s largest air freshener, and now NFTs.

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