We’ve all gotten the not-so-great car wash that ends the same way: driving off into a cloud of Mission Beach sand or down a dusty road. By the time we get home, our still-damp car has picked up debris from the drive.

What this means is that your car probably wasn’t dried properly, so water streaks and even residual soap bubbles get coated in dust. At the moment when your vehicle should look the cleanest it’s ever looked, you’re stuck with unsightly watermarks and ugly soap scum.

This breaks the cardinal rule of car washing, which is always to leave a vehicle in better condition than you found it. We take this rule very seriously at Soapy Joe’s, and our customers agree.

The secret to ensuring a freshly cleaned car doesn’t pick up dust right away is the turbine blow-dry that all of our car wash packages include. The “Average Joe” and “Super Joe” washes provide a turbine dry while the “Wax & Shine” and “Magic Potion” washes give our customers a vortex, high-power turbine blow dry. This powerful mechanism makes sure that the moisture and condensation created during the wash is blown away before you drive to your next date at Monello. We also offer packages that include rain repellant, coat sealant, liquid wax, bug prep and even tire shine.

At Soapy Joe’s, we don’t just leave cars looking better than how they came to us. Our variety of car wash packages guarantees that your vehicle will be shiny and eye-catching for all the right reasons.

Come to one of our San Diego locations today to take advantage of our fast, convenient, high-quality and eco-friendly car washes today. We know you’ll be glad you came to see us.

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