We are honored that San Diego Mayor Kevin L. Falconer officially proclaimed April 21st as Soapy Joe’s Car Wash Day, in association with Earth Day celebrated on April 22nd. This proclamation rewards our long lasting commitment to providing residents of San Diego County with the most environmentally friendly car wash services.

We use the latest products and technology to ensure that our car wash is as eco-friendly as possible. That includes using biodegradable chemicals and cleaning products. We also collect all the dirt and grime rinsed from cars and send it to facilities that recycle it into beneficial materials such as potting soil or fertilizer. Most importantly, we know that water is one of San Diego’s most valuable resources and are committed to conserving it. Our innovative system uses only about one-fifth of the 140 gallons used when washing vehicles at home. Our eight car wash locations across San Diego County use an advanced water reclamation system that recycles water , reclaiming 20 gallons of the 30 used for each wash to use again.

Read more about our eco-friendly car wash service here.

In recognition of those efforts, San Diego’s Mayor, issued the following proclamation to celebrate Soapy Joe’s Car Wash Day on the day preceding Earth Day.

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