Soapy Joe's booth at SDSU Aztec Basketball Game

Soapy Joe’s Gives Away 3,300 Washes as Official Car Wash of SDSU Athletics

San Diego, CA, March 29, 2017 – This year, Soapy Joe’s Car Wash became the Official Car Wash of San Diego State University Athletics. Soapy Joe’s joined with SDSU to connect with the community in support of San Diego education and athletics. This sponsorship has been beneficial to Aztec fans and people in the surrounding San Diego community, as they are able to receive benefits from this partnership, such as prizes, free car washes, and a lot of promotional items featuring the company’s famous sponge.

“We really wanted to take this opportunity as Official Car Wash of SDSU athletics to give back to the San Diego community. We did tons of giveaways, prizes, and free washes to get community members excited about SDSU athletics and Soapy Joe’s,” said Soapy Joe’s Car Wash CEO, Lorens Attisha.

During the 2016-2017 Men’s Basketball season, Soapy Joe’s ran a campaign called the “Under 60 Promotion.” When the team won a home game and held their opponent under 60 points, every Aztec fan received a free “Magic Potion” car wash the next day. This encouraged fans to attend the basketball games, and, during games where the possibility of a complimentary car wash was near, home fans would chant for their free wash in hopes of encouraging the players. This proved to motivate the Aztecs to keep their opponent from scoring, while being victorious. Through this campaign, Soapy Joe’s gave away approximately 3,300 complimentary car washes.

Soapy Joe’s also had multiple tabling opportunities during the 2016-2017 Men’s Basketball season, as a way to spread awareness about existing and new car wash locations and their amenities available to customers. Through this experience, Aztec fans were able to learn important information about Soapy Joe’s while winning prizes such as T-shirts, air fresheners, towels, and car wash vouchers by spinning the prize wheel. Aztec fans couldn’t get enough of Soapy Joe’s and they hope this partnership with SDSU continues in the upcoming years.

As the “Official Car Wash of San Diego State Athletics,” Soapy Joe’s has committed to supporting the Aztec’s sports teams while also providing fans with the chance to win prizes and experience an excellent express car wash option in their area. This partnership has proved its worth through the successful complimentary car wash campaign during the Men’s Basketball season. Soapy Joe’s has plans for similar promotions for the year to come, as other Aztec sports begin their seasons. By being a partner with San Diego State University, Soapy Joe’s Car Wash is able to give back to their community and connect with existing and potential customers in a way that gets fans excited about washing their car.

About Soapy Joe’s Car Wash: Founded in 1996, Soapy Joe’s Car Wash is a family owned and operated business with nine locations in San Diego County. Soapy Joe’s prides itself in its commitment to the environment, using the most up-to-date water reclamation system in the industry. Soapy Joe’s is dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction, and eco-friendly technology, all at a great value to the customer.

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