Soapy Squad, you know you’re lookin’ good after a car wash at Soapy Joe’s, but what’s even better than that is you FEEL GOOD!  

Our research shows that 1 in 3 people consider car washing to be part of their regular self-care routine and a whopping 77% of members say the primary reason they wash is to get a positive feeling.  So, to spread these good feelings and observe Mental Health Awareness Month, Soapy Joe’s is partnering with The Mindful Mob and Calm Strips sensory stickers to create the Ultimate Car Wash Self-care Experience.

In May, we are offering free tools for the community including a complimentary Magic Joe car wash, access to custom meditation breathing exercises, and Soapy Joe’s themed Calm Strips for anxiety.

The sensory calming strips are designed to improve focus and relax the mind. The Soapy Joe’s x Calm Strips sticker has a subtle sand texture, and “box breathing” design featuring Soapy. You can access our YouTube playlist to hear guided meditations such as sensory, gratitude and 4-part breathing or “box breathing”.  The breathing exercises are led by San Diego-based expert Melody Campbell, founder of The Mindful Mob. With certifications in mindfulness meditation, breathwork and sound healing, these recordings are designed to teach simple, practical and approachable mindfulness techniques that can be used by anyone and at any time.

Our goal is to give away 5,000 Ultimate Mindful Car Wash Experiences and generate 300,000 minutes of car wash meditation listens.  Register here to get yours! 

Be sure to stop by our Miramar Rd. location, where we’ll be lighting the tunnel and vacuums green in May along with the nationwide “Go Green” initiative.  

Show us where you place your Calm Strip and tag us on social – you could win a lifetime of the Calm App and a year of washes, worth over $800!

Here’s how to enter:

Step 1: Take a picture of your Calm Strip

Step 2: Tag @SoapyJoes in your picture and follow us

Step 3: Use the hashtag #SelfCareSoapy

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