Soapy here, first things first – Thank you, Teachers!

Building Community is at the heart of everything we do. For the past two years in honor of Soapy Joe’s Day, proclaimed by the mayor, we have devoted the holiday to a group in the community serving San Diego County. 2021 was extra special because we also celebrated our 10-year anniversary on Soapy Joe’s Day!

Over the past decade, we’ve given away nearly 100,000 washes to so many amazing causes. This year on Soapy Joe’s Day, we decided to go BIG, and thank the teachers who bring so much to our communities and children. We wanted to celebrate everything they’ve done by offering them free car washes. However, one day didn’t feel like enough, so between April 15th and May 4th, teachers received a free Magic Joe, top-tier wash.  We were met with an amazing response from teachers, and they were so grateful for the car washes. We’re excited to announce that during our Soapy Joe’s Day: Thank you, Teachers! promotion, we gave away a total of 6,722 washes. Yes, that’s right, 6,722 Magic Joe washes gifted to some of our best and brightest professionals. We figured it was the least we can do!

Rewarding and recognizing our amazing teachers is just one of the ways we gave back this year for Soapy Joe’s Day. We also wanted to contribute to an amazing organization that works with children in the community. San Diego Center for Children is the oldest nonprofit in the San Diego region for evidence-based therapeutic, educational, foster care, and transition-age services to kids and families struggling with mental, emotional, and behavioral needs. On May 4th, we celebrated Teacher’s Day by inviting SDCC and Councilmember Raul Campillo down to our new Mission Gorge location to provide a $10,000 donation to this incredible nonprofit. I was there hanging out with the kids from SDCC. We high-fived and celebrated Teacher’s Day. It was so much fun!

Council member Campillo, Soapy Joe’s and SDCC representatives with a check for $10,000.
Councilmember Campillo, Soapy Joe’s and SDCC representatives

We’re so honored to support both teachers and an incredibly worthy organization with deep roots in San Diego. We can’t wait for the next Soapy Joe’s Day, and to honor another part of the community that does so much for us. Stay tuned! 


The soapy squad at Soapy Joe’s Day 2021.
Soapy Squad

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