Pulling into Soapy Joe’s Car Wash might be the best part of your week – the chance to rejuvenate your car and your spirit with the help of suds, water jets, and the vibrancy of music streaming through your speakers.  

A good playlist can make any routine task feel like a scene from a feel-good movie. And when it comes to getting your car to glisten at Soapy Joe’s, there’s no better way to enhance the experience than with an ultimate car wash playlist to pump you up. 

1. “Car Wash” – Rose Royce – No car wash playlist would be complete without this soulful 70s funk tune that’s on-brand. As soon as those first few catchy lines start, you can’t help but get into the wash groove. 

2. “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Now your car is getting sudsy, and it’s time to turn the party up a notch. “Uptown Funk” is the track that makes you want to dance in your driver’s seat and give the steering wheel its spin. 

3. “Happy” – Pharrell Williams – As the water cascades over your windshield, Pharrell’s infamous “Happy” encourages you to clap along and bask in the joy of shiny, clean wheels. 

4. “Shut Up and Drive” – Rihanna – Featuring an irresistible mix of pop and rock, this track’s energy resonates perfectly with the whoosh of the water jets, compelling you to feel like you’re on an action-packed drive, even when you’re stationary. 

5. “Here Comes the Sun” – The Beatles – As the brushes scrub away the grime, The Beatles offer a timeless tune that promises bright, shiny results, like the sun breaking through after a storm. 

6. “Good Vibrations” – Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch – Can you feel it yet? As the dryers blow off the remaining water droplets, let the “Good Vibrations” pulsate through your car’s freshly cleaned chassis. 

7. “A Sky Full of Stars” – Coldplay – Just when you thought your car couldn’t look any better, this track is perfect for admiring the sparkling reflection under the Soapy Joe’s lights. It’s as if celestial bodies lend their shine to your vehicle’s exterior. 

9. “Born to Run” – Bruce Springsteen – Something about Springsteen and the open road feels right. Your car is clean, and you’re ready to sprint through the streets with the Boss fueling your escape. 

10. “Best Day of My Life” – American Authors – This song is a feel-good anthem to cap off your ultimate car wash experience as you exit Soapy Joe’s. Roll down the windows and let the world see the clean ride and happy driver. 

No matter what your music taste is, upbeat tunes can turn a mundane task into a memorable, joyous one. Each track on this ultimate car wash playlist has been chosen to mirror the stages of transformation that your vehicle undergoes at Soapy Joe’s Car Wash, leaving both you and your machine reinvigorated and ready to shine on the roads.  

Remember, the right song can turn a drop of water into a tidal wave of enthusiasm. So, next time you’re headed for a wash at Soapy Joe’s, ensure your playlist is as ready as your car to get super clean! 

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