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As you may have heard, we’re celebrating love all month long by repeating our popular marriage event, Tunnel of Love. To make it COVID-friendly in 2021, we are giving $10K and wedding rings from Honey Jewelry Co to the community’s favorite car wash tunnel proposal!

While we pondered the reasons why Tunnel of Love 2020 was such a success, we realized it is because of the wonderful people we married that day. So, in true “How it started vs How it’s going” fashion, we’ve gathered some updates from some of our favorite couples! If you’re pondering whether you should take the plunge this month and submit your video to Tunnel of Love 2021, we think these success stories be all the convincing you will need!

First up, we have Nia and Austin:

2020 Soapy Joe's Tunnel of Love couple Nia and Austin.

“Despite the pandemic and uncertainty, we have had an amazing first year being married. For us, 2020 meant new beginnings. Austin has another year of teaching under his belt and for myself I have made a transition by going down a new career path with the support of my husband.  The both of us have been as active as possible riding around on our bikes and OneWheel around San Diego. We have been together for over 10 years now and we are both looking forward to our 1-year wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day. It’s a date we won’t ever forget! We truly loved the unconventional wedding we took part in at Soapy Joe’s Car Wash. It was great doing something so different and we felt part of a unique experience that only 9 other couples have taken part in!  I love telling people on how our wedding went down and all the work Soapy Joe’s put in to make the day memorable. Plus, we love a clean car! Every time we drive through a Soapy Joe’s car wash, we can always remember that special day.”

What an amazing tribute to love and our car washes! Next, we have Napoleon and Christina:

A collage of pictures of 2020 Soapy Joe's Tunnel of Love couple Napoleon and Christina.

“2020 has been a CRAZY year for everyone and our first year married has been “plagued” (literally) with hardships and challenges! Straight out the gate we went into quarantine, losing our jobs, and learning to be cooped up together all the time! There were many fights and tough times, but we managed to come out even stronger!  Now here it is, a year later, and we are remodeling the entire house, making money doing what we love, finding new hobbies, and finding out how to make ourselves happy. (before we can do that for each other!) 

We are so grateful to Soapy Joe’s for the amazing prizes we won and the fact that we got married on valentines just before the pandemic!  This has been a dramatic but magical year and we just celebrated our 1st anniversary at the Grand Canyon! Thanks again Soapy Joe’s for giving us that opportunity, we feel truly blessed!”

We love to hear about hard times making couples stronger. Next, we have Angel and Martha, our 2020 Tunnel of Love Winners! They have a bundle of joy on the way:

“We are very happy to have been able to participate in the first-ever Tunnel of Love. It has been a great journey full of happiness. Originally, we were planning on getting married during the Summer, but that would not have happened (Covid). We are grateful that Soapy Joe’s organized this event and extremely happy that we were able to participate and start our new phase in our love journey.

Now, a year later we are expecting a baby and ready to welcome her into our life!

Best of luck to this year’s participants and may love fill your life, and happiness guide you in this new journey! Congrats on the engagements!”

2020 Soapy Joe's Tunnel of Love couple Angel and Martha holding a baby onesie.

Our last success story belongs to Dustyn and Kirsten, who just welcomed a new addition to their family:

2020 Soapy Joe's Tunnel of Love couple Dustyn and Kirsten with their children.

Kirsten: “Our happiest moment is undoubtedly the birth of our son Adriel Swan Peterman on 5/30/20 at 10 lbs. 1 oz he is now a healthy 8-month-old baby!!”

Dustyn: “Our first year as a married couple was marked by the birth of our son in May. Our daughter talks often about how she wants to grow up and “get married at the car wash!”

We’re not crying, you are! Reading these stories reminds us of why we do what we do, and why one of our values is Building Community. Bringing people together in such a special way is just one way we give back to our amazing fans.

That’s all for now. We can’t wait to see your proposal videos, and maybe next year you’ll be featured in our “Then Vs. Now”!

Soapy signing off, with love! <3

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