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Tunnel of Love: 2021

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The entries are in, and the voting has begun! We’re ready to give one lucky couple a Grand Prize of 2 rings (valued up to $3,500) AND $10,000. Vote between
March 2 – March 8. Voting is limited to one vote per day per person.

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We have been married for 18 years. But it’s time to renew our vows. We have gone through many different car wash together. Started with just one child, to now 4 children. All were fun memories. But proposing to my wife over again is the greatest memory we made at a car wash. So happy it was made in Soapy Joe’s Tunnel of Love.
Noelle and I have been dating for nearly 3 years now. I was a full-time musician in San Diego when we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend in 2017. We hit it off instantly with our love for music and have basically been inseparable since. February is Noelle's Birthday month and I wanted to do something really special for her since times have been rough for everyone, including us. She's been juggling multiple jobs and hasn't gotten a break in a while so I wanted to surprise her with a mini road trip back to San Diego, where we first lived together and created a lot of good memories.
Hello, Sophia and I met when we were in middle school 25 years ago. We were good friends and had mutual friends throughout high school. We reconnected when I reached out to Sophia on Facebook a year ago, when I was applying for a job in the area. I came to see her and I never left her side. She has become my best friend and soulmate! I was in love with her then and I’m still happy to have her in the rest of my life now.
We met a few years ago at a wedding. The groom is my best friend, and for her the bride is her cousin. After we met in that wedding everything has been magic, but the day has arrived and now is wedding September 2021!!!
This girl is going to propose ! We both survived Covid. I’m not going to wait another day to propose to my Soulmate and best friend. With 7 kids between us, the only alone time we get is in Soapy Joe’s Tunnel of Love ♥️
Alexa and I met when my employer sent me to the health clinic to do a pre-employment screening, the essential healthcare worker who took care of me that day happened to be Alexa. It is such a bizarre situation to feel attraction to someone as they are holding a cup of your fresh pee, but hearing her laugh at my dumb jokes made me feel brave that day. I asked for her number and somehow she agreed to do so, lucky me. During our first date we both shared the sentiment that it felt like we had known each other for so long, more than anything Alexa is my best friend, and in these uncertain times we are living in we are so blessed to have found certainty in each other.
We were introduced to each other through my cousin which is her best friend at a bonfire and everyone went into the water except us two and I was admiring how beautiful she was and had the courage to ask her out! Since that day over a year ago we have had endless amounts of adventure and memories together! We recently moved in with each other and as you can see recently engaged and planning a wedding during covid is going to be stressful but $10,000 towards our wedding would be a tremendous help and take a lot of stress off our big day!
A month after dating, we moved in together. A month after that, I told him I loved him. A month after that, he told me he knew he’d marry me. It’s been two years and we’ve been together every day since 12/02/18. There’s never been a doubt.
We met at Five Points Bar in 1993, when we saw each other across the room and our eyes met. We had a baby in 1994 and George stayed home and did Mr. Mom while I worked. We got married on the turn-around bus to Vegas. We had our marriage license and his parents and sister and brother and spouses with. We ended up stopping at Tom's Farms in Lake Elsinore, got married under the gazebo. George has been a credentialed teacher for 19 years. We have a son, Robert, who works at Vons. He's a great guy and has a fabulous man bun. We lost our oldest son to a heroin overdose on 7/27/17. We have been mourning his loss and allowing ourselves to grieve. We were broken, but are beginning to feel better; that is why we go camping, to heal. We love camping and purchased a new to us T@G Teardrop Trailer and we go all over California. We had nothing when we started our lives together. The first wedding ring he got me was from a pawn shop in El Cajon. The one I am wearing now, is a band of garnets that we got at an estate sale. The ring has never been important, the wedding place was not important. But us together was and is important. In good times and in bad we have each other, and we know how lucky we are, and we never take that for granted.
We started as high school sweethearts, all the way back in 2013. We’ve started about lives together, and after all this time we were ready to tie the knot. We are each other’s own best friends and cannot wait to share with our family and friends the love we share!
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Winner Selection

Finalists were selected by the Soapy Joe’s team. Winners will be selected by a public vote, and announced on March 10, 2021.

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