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Veterans Day at Soapy Joe’s

Veterans are core members of the Soapy Joe’s family. Whether on American soil or abroad, we support them and donate to veteran non-profits, and are committed to transitioning them back into successful civilian lives. That means hiring them, offering free washes, and giving back to our military communities. We commemorate them for their sacrifices and protecting our nation. This Veteran’s Day, we salute our active duty military and veterans and say thank you for everything.

Soapy Joe’s and CLVR Talks

Soapy Joe’s is partnering with Clever Talks to improve the lives of active-duty military and veterans. The non-profit organization, founded in March 2014, gathers inspiring speakers and empowers veterans to succeed in life abroad and here. They have speakers from Shark Tank, The Today Show, America’s Best Dance Crew, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and more.

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