By now, most of us have heard of the phrase “hybrid car” or “eco-friendly” car, but what does it really mean? Does it have better gas mileage? Does it use alternative fuel sources? Is it smaller? Is it actually green? Maybe it’s all of these!

An eco-friendly car is one that emits low carbon compounds when your use it. These are much more safe than the toxic vehicles we currently drive because eco-cars use less ethanol, biodiesal and natural gas which can harm our health and the environment. These car can also save us a lot of money as we turn away from expensive gas and use alternative fuels which burn much more slowly.

As city’s around the U.S. become more congested the sales of hybrid, electric and other alternative-fuel vehicles will increase. “The existing urban infrastructure cannot support such an increase in vehicles on the road,” noted a report from the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. The more traffic increases, the more pollution spews into the environment. And that’s simply not good for anyone.

The report predicted that sales of plug-in and hybrid vehicles would quintuple by 2022, taking 11 percent of the car market share.

There are many types of environmentally safe cars. A few of them include cars that run on biodiesel, ethanol and natural gas. Biodiesel cars run on vegetable oil, ethanol cars use fuel made of starch crops and natural gas cars use compressed and liquefied natural gas. There are also electric cars which, as you may assume, use electricity and hybrid cars which run on a combination of electricity and gas.

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