By now you probably heard we launched Soapy’s Splash Dash, an “AR” game with Tony Gwynn, Jr.  You may be thinking, “Great, Soapy, but I don’t even know what AR is!”  No worries, we get it.  When you’re bringing the latest technology to life, people have questions.  Here’s what’s bubbling up with augmented reality (AR).  AR is part of the larger “metaverse”, which is a virtual world that offers immersive and interactive experiences.  For Soapy Joe’s, it’s a new way we can bring the Soapy universe to life and foster community spirit.  Splash Dash is easy to use and is available on most mobile devices.  It is an “infinite runner” style game.  Unlike many AR games that require lengthy downloads and installations, Splash Dash is entirely web-based and accessed from  

Playing an AR game is easy.  You will need a mobile phone and WiFi connection.  Here’s how to play ours. 

Step 1: scan the QR code.   

Step 2: allow camera access   

Step 3: tap “ready” after reading the instructions  

Step 4: “Place” the game’s street scene on a stable surface 2-3’ from you using your phone’s camera function and tapping start game.   

Important: choose a stable surface such as a table, the floor, your dashboard (if not driving) or another nearby surface.  The closer the surface placement, the more zoomed-in the game appears.  Optimum placement is 2-3’ from the phone.  After you’ve placed the model, keep the phone in the same spot.   Significant movement away from the placement may confuse the game mechanics.  If this occurs or the size is not what you expected, hit the refresh button at the bottom of the game and reposition the Soapytopia street scene.  

Step 5: it’s time to play!  Use the game’s arrows to move left and right along a 3-lane road to capture air freshener tokens and avoid pitfalls.  As you go, the game will speed up.   

Step 6: The end of the game offers two paths: 1) take a selfie using one the in-game selfie frames (and share to social!) and 2) enter your score on the leaderboard.  You can do one or both actions and see where you rank among all players. 

IMPORTANT: If you are playing Soapy’s Splash Dash to participate in the 2024 Ultimate Spring Break Trip contest, you must submit your plays using the leaderboard form.  Plays that are not recorded using the form do not count toward prizes.  See our blog detailing the program requirements here and official rules here.  

*To scan a QR code, open your mobile phone’s camera app. Point the camera at the QR code.  A small dialog box will appear with a web address.  Click the web address.  You will now be automatically redirected to the AR game. You will no longer be in the mobile phone’s camera app.

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