Contrary to popular belief, rain doesn’t clean your car. It can actually damage it. A nice rain storm may appear to have saved you a few bucks on a car wash, but it’ll actually cost you in the long run. That’s why it’s extremely important to get your car washed after it rains.

Rain can wear away a car’s coating, rusting out the metal and cost you bundles of money in repairs. This is especially true if your car already has a dent in it. Water will find its way into the scratched or dented surface and rust the vehicle from the inside out. Not only will you spend hundreds, if not thousands, having to repaint the car, but you may have to replace parts. Or, worse, you might even have to replace the whole car.

So, don’t underestimate the power of water!

Why is rain water so harmful to a car’s surface? It’s not pure. Rain contains dirt, grime and other minerals that can, over time, eat away at your vehicle. Dirt acts like sandpaper, etching paint right off your car.

Rain can also cause water marks. While these are generally harmless, too many water marks can cause your vehicle’s shiny finish to lose its luster.

If you want to wash your car the right way, head down to Soapy Joe’s for an affordable car wash. We have a four different types of car washes you can choose from. All include high-pressure air nozzles and microfiber towels to remove debris and keep your car looking new.

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