California’s rainy season can give real meaning to the expression, “When it rains, it pours.” Don’t let the damp days fool you, though! Rain brings all the more reason to roll through your nearest Soapy Joe’s car wash.

Rinse vs. Wash

There’s a big difference. Even heavy, soaking rainfall equates to a light rinse at best for your car. That’s because the water is just falling and sitting, rather than swishing and washing. With no accompanying pressure or drying applied, your car becomes a canvas for…

Water Spots

Rain collects dust and debris on the way down from the sky, leaving behind unsightly splotches. The worst part is that the longer you leave them, the more difficult they are to get rid of. What’s worse than a rainy day? Spending a sunny day polishing and buffing your car for hours, only to be left with inevitable imperfections.

Real Damage

Those water spots can actually do a number on your car’s finish over the long haul, especially here in Southern California, where there are all sorts of pollutants in the air that wind up in the rain. If your car does not have any protection, such as a wax or seal, the spots can even corrode the paint.

Underbody Rust

You might not notice or care how clean the bottom of your car is after a wash—but it is, and that’s what really matters. No really, it really matters. Look at the metal and industrial marvel on the underbody of your vehicle; it would be a shame to let a little rain rust it all away.

Good Clean Fun

Not only are we going to help your car recover from a rainstorm, we’re also going to prepare it for the next one. Our Super Joe, Wax & Shine, and Magic Potion memberships all include Rain-X rain repellent featuring patented water beading technology. With Rain-X, your car stays super chill in the rain; everything just rolls off. Rain-X also has the same effect on sea spray, so you can have your beach day without sacrificing that new shine.

When the rain clouds part and the sun shines through, you can’t beat that feeling of riding on a California highway in a squeaky-clean car. So, the next time it rains, find a Soapy Joe’s location near you and come on by for a wash!

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