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Stella is a sweet 4 year old pit lab mix! Shes loves a good nap and some treats :)
It’s not just one, it’s two! Thor and Katana love the holidays because they get to get spoiled with tons of treats and toys. They are patiently waiting by the tree for a picture, but if no one is around they can get into trouble by snooping through their stockings and presents.
My dog ​​is a survivor dog. I adopted him when he was at the vet trying to survive. Thank God he managed to survive a bacteria in his body for approximately more than a year. He is the joy of my children when they get home.
Leo is named after the greatest soccer player of all time… Lionel Messi. He definitely takes after the second part of the name “messy” because he is always rolling and lying around in the dirt.
My pet is quiet, with good manners, she nevers eats food from table or jumps into furniture. She loves her treats and loves chasing butterflies and bees.
My beautiful children are my angles. They are a true blessing, the love each other . They complete our lives . We found our forever children. Thank you
Professor Henry Higgins is a gentle giant. He is quite skittish when it comes to strangers and will often find the next blanket to hide. Every winter he snuggles close to the tower heater and sleeps 14 hours.
Bella is such a wonderful dog! She can be such a character and sassy, but she is the sweetest baby girl! We want to make as many wonderful memories with her, since she's getting older. Winning this will add on to the wonderful memories we have with her :)
This is Caddi. She's a 10 y/o chihuahua. Also known as - guard dog - bed hog - blanket theif - treat collector - MY BEST FRIEND
HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM CECE!❤️ Cece is a very sweet and cuddly 5 month old puppy who we recently adopted! She loves to soak up the sunshine here in sunny San Diego! Cece loves dog beach and playing at the park running around with her friends!❤️ VOTE FOR CECE💜🐶🐾
Onyx and Rico Rico 4 lbs 13 year old Chihuahua with a little attitude. Onyx 83# 1 3/4 year old Doberman that is a big lover. These two give each other fits as Onyx always pushes Rico to his limits, and that limit normally includes Onyx getting lit up by Rico. They are really funny together
Maryjane is a rescue pup that loves to dress up and loves the beach She is the CEO of "Life According To Mary" and is Locally Dog Owned Pet Jewelry Business and Loves Meeting New Fans Along The Way and Loves Everyone She Meets
Fisher is the most human like dog. He has clothes and really only eats human food. He refuses to be with anyone but my mom and if he isn't with her, he will be frantically running everywhere searching for her.
Sesame isn’t your normal furry companion but he’s just as good company. A bit small for his age but more than makes up for it in personality. It’s hard to tell but he is always smiling from ear to ear. He’s grown a lot from being rescued from a neglectful environment. I know he’s only got a lot more to show us. Happy Holidays from Sesame and family!
This is lily! She loves to play with everyone and is always so happy whenever she gets a new toy. Here is her getting her holiday toy from October!

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